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“ gives entrepreneurs the essential boost that they require to proceed and pursue their dreams. We really adore the way recognizes technology ventures. Like Mashable and TechCrunch, is “the” platform for entrepreneurs in India to showcase their dream to the world. Way to go!”

Archana Patchirajan-Archana Patchirajan

“We at Heckyl always dreamt of getting on a podium where we could stand and speak about our company and our product and TradersBazzar is the podium where we could live it in India. What TradersBazzar and Shradha, (both have become a synonym with the start-ups or the entrepreneurs) has provided to the entrepreneurs, are the wings to dream big now, as the podium and the right people are already there. Our experience at the event has been excellent, in terms of the network connect, the other products and technologies that we saw and the interactions we had with the entrepreneurs and the VC’s. We were extremely happy to present Heckyl and were overwhelmed with the response that we received from the attendees. We believe, what TradersBazzar has addressed is the pulse of the new generation, the generation who wants to make a difference and are looking for someone to provide them with the guidance to step in the right direction to make the big leap.”

Mukund Mudras-Mukund Mudras

“Our flagship programme YCE has reached a new level with coming on board. You are doing a simply outstanding work.”

Rwituja Gomes Mukherjee-Rwituja Gomes Mukherjee

“Thanks for inviting me for such a power packed conference. Congratulations on the successful start of TechSparks 2011 in Delhi.”

Vijay Shekar Sharma-Vijay Shekar Sharma

“You and your team are doing an awesome job. The event was very well organized congratulations. It’s just the beginning; I can see it getting even bigger. Thanks for inviting me for highly fulfilling exercise.”

VSS Mani-VSS Mani

“Thank you for the opportunity to present at TechSparks it has been very useful and I have connected with good number of people for biz development.”

Mir Abid Hussain-Mir Abid Hussain